May 25th, 2019

Corporate Directory

OrganizationVinCompass Corp.
Address795 Folsom Street
CitySan Francisco
Phone no415-817-9955
Website Urlhttp://http//
About UsVinCompass - Guiding your wine journey with personal curation starting in the restaurant. VinCompass is a mobile solution that guides users through the wine selection process and provides personalized wine club and private label wine offerings with eCommerce convenience. Through use of the VinCompass mobile solution, users are able to create a digital blue print of their wine preferences (VinPrint) enabling each user to navigate through the wine selection process and overcome the fear and anxiety associated with selecting wines. In social settings users can easily match their VinPrint with an existing inventory of over 1 million wines and wine lists at more than 10,000 restaurants. Providing a solution to support the restaurant-wine industry, estimated to be over a 12B$ annually. Restaurant angst sometime known as "Fear of Wine List" (FoWL) is a problem VinCompass has focused on solving. By addressing the FoWL problem, enables VinCompass to participate in the wine club and private label markets which exceed 4B$ annually. With the information at hand, VinCompass eCommerce solution is a one-to-one wine club that can tailor its monthly offering to the preferred quality and tastes on an individual basis. VinCompass offers assistance for people to enjoy wine more with less effort, whether at a restaurant or when ordering wines to be shipped directly to your home or office in over 42 States. Please visit: